Dharmesh Engineering offers the following high quality machines:


This 5-axis machining center is specially designed considering conditions typical at most industries. You easily meet your high precision machining requirements with combining dynamics with rigidity.
You will find this machine very effective on die and mould aerospace, medical implantation,power generation, automobile and general engineering components.


 Efficient and competent; aptly describes this Versatile moving column horizontal machining centre. You enjoy unmatched freedom in selecting the most appropriate configuration.

Exercise your choice of having a pallet changer, or going without it. If you decide against having a pallet changer, you can still consider sourcing a tilting table or an NC table from BFW, or from a suitable source of your choice.


When you select a CNC horizontal machining center for your operations, you affirm the confidence generated through impeccable performance of these machining centers at about three hundred installations. Wise decision makers appreciate the heavy cutting load capability of these rugged and accurate machining centers. These machining centers especially add to the productivity of OEMs and vendors serving industry segments such as automotive, off-highway products, general engineering, and power generation. Capable of making deep cuts, these simple and easy to handle machining centers consume little power. Enjoy the high torque and mighty power of these machining centers at low base speed, thanks to perfect designing and good engineering!